Pet Dental Services

We offer Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning services in Colorado and Florida.

Please visit our Events Calendar for our upcoming Dental Cleaning listings. If you are unsure which store you are closest to, call or email us with your address, and we will assist you.

If you would like to host a dental clinic at your store, please email, or call us at 720-295-2074.

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How We Do It:
First, our holistic veterinarian examines your pet and qualifies him/her to be a good candidate for this procedure. Next, one of our skilled animal hygienists will begin the dental procedure in our mobile veterinary unit. Your pet will be sitting in our lap while we use comforting words & tone, and clean their teeth using the same kind of dental scaler our human dentists use. We then polish with specialized human grade dental pumice that contains a proprietary all-natural ingredient discouraging the growth of disease-causing microorganisms! 
A holistic anti-infective is recommended after your pets dental procedure, and will be available for purchase during your appointment. This contains unique natural ingredients which will kill the bad bacteria that cause disease in the mouth, boost the immune system, bind up & eliminate toxins, and help to heal the gumline. Dental ORME kills the disease-causing bacteria that is specific to the mouth, and will not harm the beneficial bacteria that live in the gut!
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