Spirit Health Synergies for Pets & their People! Visit our enlightened professionals with abilities beyond old ineffective medical treatments. We identify root causes of disease, & design protocols to allow the body to successfully heal itself. Our experienced team of professionals offer Biofeedback sessions, Biofeedback diagnostics, Allergy treatments, Class IV laser therapy, Pulsed electromagnetic Field Therapy, Stem cell therapy, Nutritional counseling, & Animal Communication services. We also have our own line of healing supplements and topical products that are infused with specific frequencies for exceptional healing and DNA repair. At Spirit Health Synergies, we assist healing for the body and the soul!

Our Mission: To bring health and balance to all species by combining powerful technologies and energy with holistic healing therapies, traditional medicine, and surgery.

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We offer long distance biofeedback and Bioresonance sessions! Please contact us to discuss this further and schedule your session today!

Check out our growing line of holistic supplements which are infused with beneficial frequencies for any health condition. These include detox from radiation, weight loss, elimination of candida, and more! We also have anti-aging creams and sprays which give you the youthful appearance on the outside to match your inner feelings of youth!

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